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Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Richard Loffler has been inspired by the splendor that the natural beauty of the prairies has to offer. Passionate about what lives beneath the big skies, nature and wildlife have been an integral part of his world since youth.

Fortunate to have worked with the Royal Saskatchewan Museum from 1978 to 2000, it became the impetus to his artistic endeavors.


Society of Animal Artists, since 1988
National Sculpture Society, since 1989

“Working from life affords me controlled confidence. No questions go unanswered. My approach is traditional with impressionistic flavor. I try to capture the character of my subjects at moments of instinctive gesture, while controlling design and composition to present a grace to each piece. To study from life allows me simply the truth; it affords me the ability to pursue my passion as a life long venture.”

Impressions in Bronze


I have always been fascinated by the creations of nature and the themes of life it generates. Conflict and adversity, the innocence of youth, the strength and character of the aged - all prevail in abundance. 

Nature is a tremendous foundation from which to acquire knowledge and understanding: the fundamentals are what every artist must seek to recreate truthfully and innovatively. Through evolution, each animal has carved its own original statement within this vast scheme of rhythm and structure.

Its spirit and vitality offer a perpetual platform from which to learn. The complex web that nature weaves for us cannot be understood in one artist's lifetime; it is a forever growing and changing format and one that deserves distinction.

Art touches us all. When nurtured with a disciplined authority and cast from the heart it can communicate a mystical ambiance capable of altering the dreams of a few or provoking the movement of thought in thousands.

We are inventors - the reasoning part of nature that enables us to analyze, interpret, and logically gain insight into the life around us. Art is an expression of our innermost thoughts, perceptions, and aspirations. It is an extension of society, the happening of our era, and the progress of our time. When balanced with truth, knowledge, and sensitivity art holds the virtuous vision of the past, an account of the present and a dream for tomorrow.

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